The Physics of Putting with Precision Fittings

Adjustable Putters and Tees


  •  We offer adjustable putters and tees to improve the game of golf.  Opinions vary, as does hype in golf equipment. Our goal is to take hype out of the equation and give golfers a whole new perspective on putters and golf tees — on what can be, instead of  what one must get used to. We have written a new chapter in putter and tee mechanics by taking on the task of fitting equipment to the player. 

In an attempt to find optimal performance, we’ve created adjustable putters and tees. Adjustable Interactive Angles (AIA), allows the means to adjust the putter and tees using their physical alignment angles to the techniques of the individual player.  Changing a set up takes seconds.  It’s that easy to find optimal performance. It’s a given that golfers have had to get used to conventional putters.  Major club builders would rather build a new model, made with one set up to entice golfers to give it a shot.  Ours differ drastically. The physics of the game are what they are, and the means to refine and define the physics takes looks and brand names out of the equation.   The mechanical physics are customized by the player with the Arrowhead Putter. If there’s a better way to play, we’ve taken it from the hands of the manufacturer’s set-in-stone particulars, and placed it in the hands of the individual golfer. We re-invented  putter mechanics so golfers can reinvent their gamer.

Arrowhead Putters offer instant adjustments in shaft offset, length, and grip offsets.  Ours give golfers different ways to hold the grip and address the attack angles.  Adjustments are made with a basic Allen wrench. Its offerings are new to the industry.  Each adjustment is independent of each other, in unrestricted fractions of degrees.  The overall weights exceed industry standards. Its few extra ounces give stability to the stroke. Part of its extra weight is in the grip, making it feel balanced relative to the head weight. The counterbalanced grip brings the balance weight more to the mid point of the length.  Additional weight can be added easily to our grip mechanics.  Tweak until your game is at its peak!

It’s all about performance gains, and we make them attainable.  Looks matter for starters, but are really irrelevant to performance gains.  Made putts trump all else!   Many golfers buy because they tried someone else’s and found success, or because a particular brand won a tournament. Players win tournaments — not putters!  Conventional equipment, putters specifically, is typically engineered for the masses. Length variances, maybe a few grams, won’t significantly cut scores.   Don’t join the mass club; it’s just another club.  If you have owned multiple types of putters, you probably know that it really didn’t make you a better putter.  Most conventional putters are very similar in their physics of loft, shaft offsets, weight, and length.  One must evaluate the angle particulars to justify if there is really any difference between them.  Looks can be very deceiving.

The inventor of Arrowhead Putters, owned many conventional putters, and with a history with Golf Shot GPS stats, nothing ever changed.  In fact, they never changed at all in averages.  With some subtle tweaks here and there with our putter, gains were obvious and verified by the stats.  The adventure to help others achieve the same was born.  It won’t happen overnight, but at the very least, you will have the right club to try all the maneuvers and options needed to improve your own performance.

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Our new inovative tee invention resulted from breaking and losing so many over the years.  It was time to figure out how to make a better tee.  Thus, the “Elite Tee”.

It’s pretty simple.  The physics behind tees are simple in light of the task they perform.  Some materials, like the most common wood tee, break easily.  It’s not environmentally wise to waste trees and leave debris on the tee box when there are alternatives.

Some plastics are more durable than others, but they still come out of the ground at impact.  Who wants to spend time looking for a tee after a shot?  “No big deal” has been the mind set.

Here’s what’s new and innovative.  The Elite Tee has new technology in adjustable depth adjustments, with an anchored end to keep it from coming out of the ground easily at impact.  It’s a simple mechanical design, easy to use, and best of all, it is impact resistant.  The golfer rarely needs to look for it after impact.  It stays grounded.  Watch your shot instead of worrying over the tee!

It can also be the tool to clean debris from iron grooves.  On the green it is a divot tool.  This is one golf gadget that every player should have for a clean golf course environment, and confidence that the preferred ball height is always set. The heights are unrestricted, independent of each other, and totally compliant with rules for tees.


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