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Elite Golf Tees

Elite Golf Tees

The golfer testing, using the Elite Tee has an average drive distance of 365 yards.  Even his club head speed can’t break it or displace it after impacts.


Tees have evolved over time from basic wood to plastics with adjustable heights. We’ve added some new technology and included a few  more tasks to its functions.

Elite Golf Tees are multipurpose tees, adjustable in heights and depths. The depth adjustment is for variables in soils, so it will stay anchored after the shot via our new anchor system.

The things most tees have in common: they break, or they get lost after a golf shot.  We designed a “green tee”  Our goal is to save trees and plastics that will break and be left on the tee box.  Although tees have a very important function in golf, golfers are used to the fact they break and they get misplaced after a shot.  With an Elite Tee, we designed a tee to last an entire season and then some.  Prototypes have lasted entire seasons! Try the new way to play with one tee!  precision ball heights every time!

To take a tee to the next level was to make it stay in place after the shot.  We accomplished this by making it a component mechanical tee.  It has a top for the ball, a center coupler, and a threaded support for the parts to raise up and down, independent of each other in lengths from both ends.  This tee, is more than just a tee.  It gives the golfer choices in ball height, it is unbreakable, and it is a divot tool to repair ball marks on the green and to clean debris from club grooves.  What more can a golfer ask for than one device that eliminates the many gadgets needed to play the game of golf, effectively?

The center coupler bottom is inserted flush to the ground. Once a particular height is chosen, it will stay in that position.  The goal beyond height is to stay in place after the shot.  As turf conditions change, so can the depth of penetration. It will stay where it was placed after the shot if the depth is correct.  Only a really bad shot pulls it from its position.  It is made of a very high impact-resistant polyurethane top and center sections.  The connection  fastener is threaded steel with a flat barbed end, which keeps it stable after impact. No worries about you club hitting steel.  It is not exposed to the swing actions.

Elite Golf Tees have other uses during the course of play from tee to green!  The bottom anchored  end  can be used to clean debris from clubs grooves.  On the green it can be used to repair ball marks.  One tee has multiple tasks to assist the golfer during a round. No need to have multiple tools like a divot tool, and club brush.

The 3 piece construction gives it all the options to benefit the shot and the environment.  The tee comes in a variety of colors and combination colors.  The maximin  length allowed by the USGA is 4 inches.  Ours will expand to this length, and back down in fractional heights to 1 3/4″ height of ball.  It’s adjustable with the golfer in mind!


Clean Debris from clubs grooves

Elite Tees with balls

Pick Your preferred heights, depths, colors, and drive for show!


Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.

Impact Resilient Stability

Impact Resilient Stability

Lots of colors in the rainbow.  Pick and choose!

Lots of colors in the rainbow. Pick and choose!

Go Green with the Elite Tee. Eliminate broken tee debris!

Below are a few more videos.

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