The Physics of Putting with Precision Fittings


 Putter Grips

 The best putter grip is one that fits.  Conventional grips (and there are many) are installed rather conventionally.  Ours are mechanically attached with adjustability to engage AIA,  the means to really make it work to the player’s advantage


A grip set open.  Open promotes a lower shoulder.  Where one wants to finish the stroke

A grip set open. Open promotes a lower shoulder. Where one wants to finish the stroke

The grip is the direct connection to putting.  It must fit and feel like you are one with the club.  Since personal preferences differ, we designed one grip that makes you one with your club in moments.  Ours is mechanically attached.  An Allen wrench is all it takes to make it fit!  It can be played with vertical or horizontal width.  The image above is shown out of square, open.  All square is the norm, but is it really the best?  Golfers really haven’t tried it.  Why? Because conventional grips are semi permanently attached.  Once a conventional grip is taped in place, you’re done.  That’s just the way its been since the beginnings of the game.

No two golfers hold the putter exactly the same way, so we created a grip with mechanics to allow the golfer to experiment with different angles.  The range  of motion between vertical and horizontal is called offsets.  Offsets in putters are usually referred to as a shaft angles, typically set by the manufactures and built for the masses. It’s obvious everyone plays and holds the club differently, so we’ve designed grips with the golfer in mind.   Golfers have never had options like this before.  Just as our shaft angles (which are custom offsets) can be changed, so can our grips.  It’s a necessity with our AIA to have all the options available to let the golfer decide what they like, and what they can experiment with to boost the odds of making a putt.

Is bigger better in grips?  The trends seem to say yes.  Bigger rotates slower is pure physics.  Some of the most popular grips are over-sized.  Ours are over-sized oval symmetrical with tapered end to end.

Lengths are also a personal preference.  We all know that conventional clubs can be altered in lengths; we’ve made it easier to try different options in moments. An Allen wrench is the tool to use to install, change, or adjust the offset particulars.  Ours are adjustable in lengths so the golfer has options without the need to have it altered by conventional methods.  We’ve made it simple for the golfer to make the putter fit the player!

The rational behind out of square is all about how the golfer swings.  Without going into the many technical explanations, one thing has to happen:  face angle must aim at the target at impact.  We’ve discovered out of square promotes a lower shoulder at address.  To learn where you want to be at impact zones, watch all pros.  They finish with a low trailing shoulder.  It helps eliminate a pulled putt, the most common error in the mechanics of putting.

The inventor of Arrowhead Putters has tweaked his own many times to find optimal performance.   By coincidence, his history with GolfShot GPS was established long before inventing the Arrowhead Putter, and while he was still playing conventional putters.  When you have stats to back up the equipment and techniques used, it becomes clear what works and what is just average.  Who wants average?  No golfer does.  Take the next step in performance gains.  Nothing ventured is nothing gained!

Opinions vary in which is the best way to play.  We have ours, and so does everybody else.  You decide what ways work to your advantage.  It’s that simple.

Patent Pending technology.

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