The Physics of Putting with Precision Fittings

Laser Trainer

Laser Trainer


Our Laser line device is unique.  There are other laser to help, however it will need to be attached,  and lined up.  For accuracy one needs a perfect square line relative to the face angle.  Requiring a protractor as well.

Ours has a different setup.  It already fits the shape of our putters with no alignment necessary.

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It offers help in training golfers to use their preferred stroke techniques and to see how the putter is set up in alignments. Explore our AIA  adjustments, and it will tell all if it is worth pursuing.  It offers visuals to evaluate how one interacts with putting.   Its user-friendly, compact design runs on batteries with an on /off button.  It comes pre aligned all square to the face.  No clamps or alignment is necessary.  The laser device slides into the opening of the holder and then rotates until the line is vertical to the target.

This unique device for Arrowhead Putters allows the golfer to evaluate Adjustable Interactive Angles (AIA).  How many club makers offer training aids to help use their clubs?  Our goal is help the golfer with all aspects of game improvement.  This kind of device shows precision results.  The goals become reality when one cares enough to truly evaluate the putting process. There is a fine line to follow to be effective, the laser line shows and tells all!

Lasers don’t show well in full light.  It is best to use it indoors for practice sessions.

Watch this video to see it in action. Laser training with Arrowhead Putters